Launch Pad Inflatables, LLC Company Policies


Site Requirements:

1. Sufficient open space and level surface is required and must be free of any obstructions.

2. Please ensure easy access to setup area, free of any major obstacles (no hills, no stairs, enough space to get through to setup area - please see minimum gate size one each unit) if there are too many obstacles in the way you may have to choose another area for setup.

3. Setup area must be a grass surface, with no rocks, sticks, animal waste, or other objects, and the ability to drive 18-inch anchoring stakes around the perimeter of the inflatable unit(s). Setup on concrete/asphalt surfaces or indoors will require a sandbag setup.

4. Please ensure setup areas is ready for staff to setup immediately. Staff does not have time to wait around for lawn mowing, animal waste to be removed, etc.

5. If the 18-inch stakes are used to secure the inflatable, any damage to, or resulting from, unmarked underground lines are the responsibility of the renter. Please let the delivery crew know where underground lines are prior to setup.

6. For water units, renter must supply a water source and an unbroken hose of sufficient length to reach the equipment setup location. If you need to rent one please go to Add-Ons to add to your order. If the customer does not have a working hose upon arrival, a $10 surcharge will be added to rent our hose. Delivery staff does not have time to wait for one to be provided.

7. All other equipment including blower, stakes and extension cords will be provided upon delivery and setup. Please make sure an electrical outlet is within 100’ of equipment setup area.

Game Rentals

Game Drop Off:

A staff member will go through each game to confirm all pieces are accounted for at the time of delivery.

Game Pick Up:

We ask that all game pieces for each game are grouped together in one place ready for staff to pick up quickly.

Staff will notify the renter that all pieces are accounted for, or if there are any lost/stolen/damaged games/pieces.

A $30 fee will be charged to the card provided on file, if staff have to take more than 10 minutes to search for game pieces.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Games:​

If game pieces are lost/stolen/damaged, the renter will be responsible for paying for each piece. Replacement costs are attached to the waiver that is signed at the time of drop off. A copy of the waiver will be sent to the email on file.

A fee for lost/stolen/damaged games/pieces will be charged to the card provided on file.


If games require additional deep cleaning due to sticky substances or being written on, a $30 fee will be charged to the card provided on file.

Delivery Time and Pickup Time:

We will text/call you the day before the event (between 12p-5p) to give you a 1 hour delivery and pickup window. An adult must be present at the time of drop off to inspect the inflatable, ensure correct placement, and go over the safety instructions.

We start our deliveries as early as 7am and we may have to deliver several hours earlier than your selected start time, if this is an issue please call us immediately.

Pickups can start as early as 4pm but we never come to pickup before your selected end time. Pickups can go on late into the night with some being 10pm or later. Our latest selected pickup time is 8pm (unless you have arranged for a later time) and we cannot guarantee that you will be the last pick up.

You do not need to be present for pickup (residential pickups only....does not apply to park/recreation areas). We do ask that you leave the inflatable inflated so we can inspect and clean it before packing up.

Weather Restrictions

Weather conditions can change suddenly and unexpectedly, especially in Colorado. Please read the following for weather safety.

Wind or Server Weather:

Monitor present weather conditions and local weather forecasts for impending inclement weather or severe weather warnings.

No inflatable unit shall be used in the event of any of the following:
Winds or gusts reaching over 15 mph
or any other inclement weather or known severe weather warnings.

In the event of severe weather :
Launch Pad Inflatables will make an effort to send a text of incoming dangerous weather, please keep in mind we cannot check weather for all surrounding areas. The renter is responsible for monitoring active weather at their event.

Text message will say:
1. Immediately discontinue use of the inflatable unit(s).
2. Clear all persons out of the inflatable and surrounding area.
3. Unplug the blower and let deflate on its own.

Once the weather conditions stabilize, feel free to contact Launch Pad Inflatables if any questions arise. Please follow the severe weather procedures explained by delivery staff at time of set up.
(303) 901-6691

Outside Temperatures

Cold Temperatures -
Colder temperatures makes the vinyl material less flexible and increases the chances of injury and damage.

We do not set up in temperatures lower than 40* (some exceptions apply).
If temperatures are expected to drop below 40* during your rental, please be aware that we will be coming by early for pick up.

Hot Temperatures -
In summer the vinyl can become very hot, so to prevent any discomfort we recommend a water add-on when it is hot out. Temperatures over 90* can reach up to 10* higher on the inside of the unit.​ Please contact us to add water to your unit for an additional charge 303-901-6691

If you have ordered a dry unit and water has been used, a $30 cleaning/drying fee will be added to your order.​

Weather Cancelation Policy:

While we can still set up in some inclement weather we do require that the equipment be deflated and not used during any period where there is thunder/lightning or winds over 15mph. If you would prefer to cancel your event we require 72 hours notice and we can either move your event to another day or issue you a rain check in the amount of the deposit that will be good for one year.


Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel for any reason you must do so at least 72 hours prior to your event start time for a full refund.

If you need to cancel less than 72 hours prior to your scheduled start time, you will receive an email informing you that a raincheck in the amount of the deposit you have already made, has been added to your account and will be available for 1 year from the date of your scheduled event.

If you would prefer to move the event rather than have a raincheck, we would be happy to accommodate your request pending availability.

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